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BIS-ISI Certification



The Indian economy, which is one of the fastest-growing on the planet, has the capacity to compete with the major global economies. The world economy has been more open due to globalisation, allowing for trade in goods, services, the sale of goods in many nations, import-export, etc. Due to globalisation, many foreign businesses have established themselves in many areas, such as manufacturing, over the past few decades. The manufacturing industry has the potential to diversify its customer base outside national borders, increase the economy's foreign exchange reserves, and promote national economic growth. The "engine of growth" is thought of as it. India has emerged as the most alluring location for import and investment in the manufacturing industry. Several prestigious companies have made a choice. As the "engine of growth," it is thought to be. India has emerged as the most alluring location for manufacturing-related imports and investments. Many prestigious companies have chosen to invest in India, like Samsung Display Noida, which has invested a sizable sum to start its manufacturing, Amazon, which intends to start manufacturing electronics there, and many others. The Indian government has provided particular incentives to encourage the expansion of the manufacturing sector.

What is BIS-ISI Registration ?

The FMCS (Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme) is a programme run by the Bureau of Indian Standards since 2000 for foreign manufacturers in accordance with Scheme-I of Schedule-II of the BIS Act, 2016 and the (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. With the use of this programme, producers and applicants from abroad can sell their goods in India using the standard mark, also known as the ISI Mark. The only entity that is qualified to give foreign manufacturers a BIS Certificate for import is the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Department (FMCD). The main reason BIS awards a Manufacturing certificate to foreign manufacturers is to ensure that the general public has access to high-quality, secure, and risk-free products.

The FMCD department of India's BIS FMCS Certificate is intended for manufacturing facilities that are situated abroad and that are subject to factory inspections to ascertain whether the producer is adhering to all pertinent BIS requirements. Additionally, the designation of an Authorized Indian Representative is required for overseas candidates (AIR). Let's take a closer look at the parameters in order to comprehend all of these processes. Therefore, in order for foreign manufacturers to continue exporting and selling their goods in the Indian market, they must get a BIS Certificate for Import in India under the FMCS Scheme.

Requirements of BIS-ISI Registration ?
  • Location of the manufacturing facility should be outside of India.
  • Ensure that their product(s) adhere to the relevant Indian Standards Specification (ISS).
  • All production equipment and testing facilities should be accessible on the factory grounds.
  • To test the product in accordance with the relevant ISS, in-house laboratory resources such as product testing equipment and quality control specialists should be accessible.
  • The annual marking fee as well as the Scheme of Inspection & Testing (SIT) to be accepted by the manufacturer.
  • The business/manufacturer (FMCS) must consent to the License's terms and conditions.
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