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About Us

AK India is a prominent organisation from the private sector of India primarily dealing with the Inspection, Testing, Audits and Certification of products. We associate with manufacturers, brands and importers of Electronics, IT and Solar equipments to work as an helping hand to get their products certified as per Indian norms. We have a team of experts and veterans from private and government sector who work tirelessly to accomplish the task of Testing and Certification of products for our clients. Another integral service which we provide is Quality Control, Inspections and Audits. We have a great team who excel at providing the best solutions for inspections and audits. The first step is to understand the client/customer's enterprise and its direction, the complexities of the business, processes, operations and priorities. This helps us to offer solutions that provide business value and are tailor-made for specific business needs. At AK India we believe to break through our tasks in shortest possible time span.

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