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The Economy of India-the fastest developing economy on the globe with the capabilities that help it matches up with the biggest international economies of the world. Globalization has opened the world economy for trade like manufacturing, services, selling products in different countries, import-export etc. Over the last few decades, many foreign companies have set up different industries like manufacturing in India as a result of globalization. The manufacturing sector has the ability to expand its market base beyond the country borders, contribute to the foreign exchange reserves of the economy and boost the economic development of the country. It is considered as the “engine of growth”. India has become the most attractive destination for import, investment in the manufacturing sector. Many top brands have decided to invest in India, like Amazon has planned to start electronic manufacturing in India, Samsung Display Noida, which has invested a huge amount in starting its manufacturing etc. In order to boost the growth of the manufacturing sector, the Government of India has offered special incentives.

If we talk about the import, India is one of the biggest hubs for international manufacturer who can export their product to India.

In India, lots of foreign companies are operating, but every country has set different rules and standards for manufacturing. You cannot launch your product directly into the market without product conformity compliances, testing and marking. For this, you have to follow some procedures, and this is where Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme takes place for product certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards under ISI mark Scheme.



Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS) is a Scheme operated by the Bureau of Indian Standards under Scheme-I of Schedule-II for foreign manufacturers, and this scheme enables the overseas applicants/manufacturers to use the standard mark, which is also called ISI Mark, to sell their products in India. The foreign manufacturers Certification Department (FMCD) is the only eligible authority that can grant the licence for foreign manufacturers. The major motive of BIS for granting a Licence to Foreign manufactures is that the public gets good quality, safe, reliable and risk-free products.

BIS Certificate in India from the FMCD department is meant for the manufacturing units located overseas, and which will undergo for factory audit to determine whether the manufacturer is complying with all the necessary requirements illustrated by BIS. It is also mandatory for foreign applicants to nominate Authorized Indian Representative (AIR).To understand all these steps, let’s explore the parameters in detail.



BIS Standard Mark or ISI Mark consists of Licence number as ‘CM/L-XXXXXXXXXX’ at the bottom of ISI Mark and Indian standard number at the top of above ISI Mark. This mark shall be rewarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards after the successful grant of the BIS Certificate.


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