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EPR Authorization

EPR Certificate for E-Waste processing

E-waste is referred to the waste generated from the electrical and electronic devices that are discarded due to technological upgradation and are not fit for use. This e-waste produced contain several contaminants such as lead, cadmium and mercury which must be processed, recycled and disposed responsibly so that it won’t harm eco-system. EPR stand extended producer’s responsibility. EPR certificate is issued by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).


The manufacturer/trader/importers of electrical and electronic products having an E-waste management plan and an agreement with recycling agency can apply for E-waste certificate.

Process time

Total time for filing and issuing of E-waste certificate will be approx. 30 working days after submitting all the required documents.

Why Ak India Testing Labs ?

Ak India Testing Labs will handle end-to-end account creation, documentation and application process for EPR Certificate.

List of products covered under EPR certificate

Categories of electrical and electronic equipment including their components, consumables, parts and spares covered under the rules
Sr. No. Product Category Categories of electrical and electronic equipment Electrical and electronic equipment code
1 Information technology and telecommunication equipment Centralised data processing: Mainframes, Minicomputers ITEW1
Personal Computing: Personal Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) ITEW2
Personal Computing: Laptop Computers(Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) ITEW3
Personal Computing: Notebook Computers ITEW4
Personal Computing: Notepad Computers ITEW5
Printers including cartridges ITEW6
Copying equipment ITEW7
Electrical and electronic typewriters ITEW8
User terminals and systems ITEW9
Facsimile ITEW10
Telex ITEW11
Telephones ITEW12
Pay telephones ITEW13
Cordless telephones ITEW14
Cellular telephones ITEW15
Answering systems ITEW16
2 Consumer electrical and electronics: Television sets (including sets based on (Liquid Crystal Display and Light Emitting Diode technology) CEEW1
Refrigerator CEEW2
Washing Machine CEEW3
Air-conditioners excluding centralised air conditioning plants CEEW4
Fluorescent and other Mercury containing lamps CEEW5


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