The Benefits of BIS Certification for Toy Manufacturers

BIS Certification for Toys in India

BIS Consultants help Manufactures with Fundamentals to get Faster Certification

Getting high quality consultancy services is critical to run business efficiently without any legal barriers. With increasing consumer awareness and regulation, the importance of attaining certificates is rising. Engaging a consultant for BIS certification or any regulation compliance actually saves time and resources for businesses. Especially, if you are looking for BIS Certification for Toys in India, the work might look simple when you read the BIS manual, yet it is a bit complicated. Since toys are used by kids and there are many possibilities for fake products, the stringency level for BIS is active and increasing every year. But, a strong consultant like EVTL India can make this happen in short time.

A decent BIS consultant can help clients with the following fundamentals:

  • Complete understanding on the BIS certification requirement. Example if you are looking for BIS Certification for Toys in India, a consultant can help manufacturers to choose the right primary standard (7 standards mentioned in the Toys Quality Control Order, 2020) which is applicable based on the type of toy for which licence is obligatory.
  • Complete information on what kind of systems and process to be put up in a company or manufacturing setup for attaining a BIS certificate quicker.
  • Handholding on the process establishment at the site and filling of information for certificate. Regardless of whether you are looking for BIS certification for Toys in India or any other BIS licence, engaging a consultant is worth to save time and money.


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