BIS Certificate for Professional Tiles and Grouting

BIS Certificate for Interlocking Tiles

BIS Certificate for Interlocking Tiles Would Help Gain Customer Confidence

Interlocking tiles are widely used material in construction industry today. With India growing rapidly in terms of housing, apartments and community complexes, the need for interlocking titles is rising significantly. There are many small scale and large business into manufacturing and selling of interlocking tiles to capture growing construction market in India. But, often the quality of the titles used in flooring is taken for granted. Customers always have a doubt in terms of the authenticity of the titles and its lifetime – trust is missing. On the other hand, the manufacturer of the tiles feels that getting a BIS Certificate for Interlocking Tiles is a liability.

In order to bridge this gap, between customer expectation and manufacturer output, a BIS certificate is the perfect choice. A BIS certificate process embedded in an interlocking tile making process would bring out the desired quality which customers are seeking. Whereas from a tile maker perspective a standard assurance on quality is promised which would help in getting more market and grow business? To gain this beautiful advantage, joining with a right BIS certification consultant would be the exact approach for any tiles business. Because BIS certification offers two rewards –

  • Assurances with evidence to customer that the product is as per Indian standard.
  • Greater reception in the market.

Finally, a BIS certification avoids penalties and fines if a best consultant is hired for your business.

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