Getting WPC Certification for Wireless Items in India

WPC Certification for Wireless items in India

Advantages Offered by WPC Consultants are Top Notch

In India, WPC is responsible for regulating and providing approval for importing and launch of wireless products in the country. The Wireless & Planning Coordination (WPC) offers freedom to business in operating RFID/Wireless products with Equipment Type Approval and Import Licence. The entire process is complicated and undergoes various stages under the Ministry of Communications. If you are someone looking for WPC Certification for Wireless items in India, then you may need to engage a consultant to crack this process.

Here are few competitive advantages provided by WPC consultants:

  • They help businesses in choosing the right or perfect licences – covering Experimental Licence, FM Broadcasting, RC flying toys, Dealer Possession License, Non-Dealer Possession Licence, Radar, Satellite Broadcast Approval and so on.
  • Complete end-to-end collection of data from the business and submitting the same to WPC for approval.
  • Supporting business in addressing the queries/doubts raised by the WPC authority.
  • Supporting in submission of required responses and files for further clearance.
  • Finally coordinating with WPC to get the licence/approval as per the timeline. In addition, a consultant also brings in expertise to help business in defining best practices from industry to make the process unpretentious. If you are interested in WPC Certification for Wireless items in India, just count on the WPC consultant. With proper documentation they can get the certificate within couple of weeks.

Wireless speakers are composed of two units: a main speaker unit combining the loudspeaker itself with an RF receiver, and an RF transmitter unit. The transmitter connects to the audio output of any audio devices such as hi-fi equipment, televisions, computers, MP3 players, etc. An RCA plug is normally used to achieve this. The receiver is positioned where the listener wants the sound to be, providing the freedom to move the wireless speakers around without the need of using cables. The receiver/speaker unit generally contains an amplifier to boost the audio signal to the loudspeaker; it is powered either by batteries or by an AC electric outlet.[2]
The signal frequency range used by wireless speakers is generally the same as that used by cordless telephones – 900 MHz. The RF signal can traverse walls and floors/ceilings. Most manufacturers claim the signal transmits over a range of 150 to 300 feet (50 to 100 m). Many wireless speakers feature variable transmission channels that can be set using a tuning knob to overcome potential RF interference with other nearby wireless devices, such as cordless phones or baby monitors.
Some wireless speakers use the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

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